A new message hangs in every inn and bar:

Heroes Needed to Explore Wilderness
I have finished repairs on the Keep on the Eastern Gate, and with the War over, call for all adventurous folk to join the reclamation. The Snake River runs with gold, enough to refill the royal treasury. The Keep is safe and strong, but the heartlands of the fallen Kingdom of Magic and Ritual, abandoned during the war, now team with creatures of chaos, monsters of legend, and beasts of nightmares. The land, once civilized and prosperous, is wild and overrun. But take heart, Treasure and Glory await all who dare to seek them. Those willing to risk life and limb exploring the lost lands and reclaiming valuable relics will make their name live on for centuries. By the Sign of the Gods of Law, and in the name of the Knights of the Rose, I, Duke Jorah, Marshall of the East bid you welcome to the Lands of Adventure.

Adventures in the Eastern Heartlands